Yuzuki is new to the office and today she has an interview with the office manager. She has come in not knowing much about the new position. She is being hired to work at the newly opened shop called Pussy Shop. It is a shop for men that are having trouble with sex. The office manager wants to be sure she will be right for the job and has to not only interview her but also make sure that since this particular position requires an employee with a nice figure he has Yuzuki strip for him so he can see how she looks without her clothes on. She is quite shy but since it is required for the new job she strips naked for the manager. He asks her to sit down and spread her legs so he can inspect her pussy to be sure it is up to standard and she will be able to perform the duties at the newly opened Pussy Shop. Since the manager is so through he gets right down to her pussy with his face to give it a good inner view and inspection. He measures her pussy and smells it and then goes on to start licking her pussy to see how it tastes. He is mostly satisfied with the sight and taste of her pussy. He then decides to use a speculum and insert it in her pussy to open it up wide to get a better idea of the smell and sight of her inner pussy. He then introduces her to some sex toys that she will be required to use while employed for this new company. He will demonstrate how this new dildo works on Yuzuki as she spreads her legs and allows him to insert the sex toy into her pink and now very wet pussy. He believes that the first dildo test went fine and now is going to show her the new banana sex toy from their company and demonstrate how it is inserted into her pussy. The manager also has to task of making sure Yuzuki is able to pleasure customers with her mouth. She does this for him when he pulls out his cock for her to jerk off and then suck on.





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Published: January 12, 2021

Duration: 0:24:25
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