Fans of Dredd will enjoy the “Charly Summer of Shove” as the talkative tiny temptress dutifully handles her hefty penis provision. Opening with an outdoor tease, milky skinned Charly showcases her diminutive yet curvy assets. Once indoors Miss Summer shows some flexibility in the stairway as Dredd watches in approval. He stands before Charly while still wearing his pants. She rubs them and comments “Your dick almost goes down to your knee…” She removes it from his britches and says “This is a really nice dick. Let’s see how much I can fit in my mouth, OK?” Dredd approves while Summer sucks what she’s able. “Dick’s so big my hand can barely hold it though” as she goes back for another try. Charly spreads out on a sofa and says “Want to see this tight little fuck hole get used real good?” Of course. Amazingly Summer is able to ingest a respectable amount. Resembling a stick puppet from renaissance times…In cowgirl the pussy/dick disparity is very noticeable. Summer’s twat fully latched on to rod on every stroke. Heroically, Charly takes Dredd in doggy. A mind boggling view yet explosively hot. Once back on their sides Summer says “You fuck the life out of me”. Showing no loss of stamina, Charly consumes a full dose of Dredd deposit. She brags “Every single drop in my mouth”. A well earned truism from the trollop…






Published: August 27, 2021

Duration: 0:33:00
Views: 4.02K

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