Joanna Angel’s back with another nasty fuck-fiesta and this time, she’s got the wicked Kissa Sins on deck to get dicked. Her lucky partner? Superstar sexual athlete Markus Dupree. Joanna kicks the night off when she heads to her apartment to pick Kissa up, who’s already hot and horny and drooling for some cock.

In the apartment, Kissa can barely keep her hands off of Joanna. When Joanna has Kissa change into an outfit that she brought her for the shoot and she gets a look at Kissa’s tasty ass, Joanna has trouble keeping her hands to herself too. But Joanna’s not supposed to be in the scene today, so the boss lady does her best to resist Kissa’s unbelievably fuckable body. Kissa’s not going to make it easy for Joanna though, telling her that she loves taking it in her ass even MORE than in her pussy. She cums so hard that it’s like there’s an on-demand orgasm button in there.

Joanna bites her lip, asking her what that feels like. Instead of telling her, Kissa shows her, stripping down, sitting down on a chair and taking out a shiny crystal dildo that she brought with her. She lubes up the dildo with her spit and throws her little legs over her head, pulling aside her panties and rubbing her tight asshole. Moaning loudly, she slides the dildo right up her snug little sphincter.

While Joanna cheers her on, Kissa pounds the dildo into her ass even deeper, rubbing her swollen clit while she fucks her juicy asshole. It doesn’t take long for Kissa to hit that button she was talking about, and she cums hard, her legs shaking as her ass creams all over that crystal fuckstick. With that intense ass-gasm, playtime’s over and it’s time to get to set to get the fuck-down of the century started. Joanna’s got a bunch of surprises in store for Kissa, so she’d better be ready to get REAL messy.

And by the time they arrive on set and meet Markus, Kissa proves how ready she really is, jumping on him and whipping out his already-hard dick. She takes his massive cock, pumping his swollen head and hard shaft in and out of her juicy mouth as he fucks her face, squeezing his meatstick down her throat. She sucks on his balls before he flips her onto her back and sticks his dick straight up her ass, fucking her little hole until her eyes roll back in her head.

Joanna’s watching everything go down, but she’s got holes of her own that need gaping. So even though she wasn’t supposed to be in the scene, she’s decided to say eff to that – she’s not going to stay on the sidelines for much longer, and Kissa and Markus better be ready when the divine Miss A dives ass-first into this fuck-frenzy.


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Published: February 9, 2019

Duration: 0:56:03
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