His wife is divorcing him and he’s desperate for some fast cash so Divorce Attorney Sommer goes down the list of his expensive assets including boats, flashy cars and vacation homes. Snapping her hot long finger nails, Sommer tells him to stop staring at her gorgeous feet as she dangles them seductively back and forth in her tight corporate lawyer attire. “Mr. Cooper, it’s obvious you are a foot freak.” Attorney Sommer wants to enjoy some foot worship in exchange for some fees. Mr. Cooper expertly unties each sultry strap of her black high heels as he caresses her tan foot and places it into her mouth, making out with the tip of her toes, sucking on her perfectly pedicured feet. He smothers his face with the bottom of her soles inhaling their scent as he takes each and every succulent toe into his mouth, making this professional powerhouse moan with pleasure. His tongue feels so hot on her soles she can’t help but moan and sigh with commanding pleasure. She bends over to show him her tight wet pussy so he can tap his dick on top of her cunt, teasing her as she begs for more foot fetish play. She expertly takes out her sexy feet and begins giving him the sloppiest wettest foot job ever. She rubs his hard cock with both of her sexy feet as she slides them up and down his shaft making him want to feel her pussy again and again as he watches those sexy soles bounce up and down on the couch in just one of his many mansions. Her raspy voice is such a turn on as he stares at those juicy toes and feminine arches. He can’t help but shoot out his hot creamy load all over those delicious feet, making it look like the perfect foot creampie for this sexy, slutty attorney…






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Published: August 28, 2021

Duration: 0:47:41
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