Rion and I are in the same class at college. We both have a significant other but we also have a thing for each other. So one day we skipped class and went to his house to fool around. We were passionately making out and my pussy got so wet but I was hesitant to do more because I was afraid my boyfriend would find out and I didn’t want to hurt him. Then Rion said he had an idea of what we can do; it would be lots of fun but not considered cheating. I was so horny that I gave in. He told me to close my eyes and not to open them until he says so. I felt his warm lips on my thigh, slowly working their way down to my ankle. Then I felt him removing my shoes while still kissing and licking my feet and toes. I felt his smooth tongue fucking my toes and sucking on them one by one. My pussy was so wet that I was nearly ready to cum but he stood up, took out his big cock out, and slid it between my soft soles. He fucked my feet and spread me onto the counter to eat my juicy pussy while playing with my sexy toes. At that point I couldn’t wait to put his big dick in my mouth. I wanted to feel it down my throat. He fucked my face and made me drool from gagging to keep his dick nice and juicy for a sloppy footjob. He bent me over and fucked me so hard I came all over his fat cock. Then he turned me over and fucked me again while licking and sucking on my deep arches and wrinkled soles. At the end, he shot his thick load all over my cute pink pedicured feet and toes. Cum on feet is so sexy. I hope it stays between him and me. Though, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he told all his guy friends and they wanted to have some foot sex too…






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Published: July 16, 2020

Duration: 0:44:40
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