I am a successful marriage counselor and I have an appointment at a client’s house. The wife opens the door and invites me in. With her husband Tommy, we sit down in the living room and, during our conversation, I notice Tommy constantly looking at my feet even with his wife sitting right next to him. I was wearing sexy open toed high heels so I decided to tease Tommy while being careful enough that his wife doesn’t notice. Then I told the wife that in order to fix the issue between them as a couple, I need to ask Tommy a few questions alone in private. After she walked out of the room I sat next to Tommy and told him that I noticed him looking at my feet but it turns me on so much that all I want is some slutty foot sex. He didn’t need much convincing and quickly obliged. So I put my long legs on his lap and wiggled my sexy feet and toes in front of him. When I touched his crotch, I felt his big hard cock ready for a sloppy blowjob. Right away I wrapped my long toes around his big throbbing cock and gave him a slutty foot job. He bent me over and fucked me from behind until I came all over his fat cock. Then I rode his cock while my slutty feet were wrapped around his balls. At the end, he fucked my feet until he came all over my sexy red pedicured toes. His white cum on my red toes looked so hot. I can’t wait to have another counseling session with this couple.






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Published: October 6, 2019

Duration: 0:57:59
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