The other day I was at the gym ready for my usual training session but my trainer couldn’t make it so he sent one of his associates, Thomas. Thomas seemed cool and it seemed like he knew what he’s doing. When he was holding the bag while I was sparring, I noticed him looking down way more often than he should. It’s a pretty dangerous thing to do if you’re training to fight since you can obviously get knocked out pretty fast that way. After a while I finally realized he is totally obsessed with my pretty feet and my red pedicured toes. So while we were exchanging punches I accidentally hit him in the face because he was so busy looking at my feet instead of my hands. It was just him and me in the gym; and I’m always pretty horny after my gym sessions so I decided to play with him a little bit. As he was about to come to his senses I stuck my red pedicured toes in his mouth. He didn’t know what was going on at first but I could tell he loved my feet in his mouth. I felt his tongue wrapped around my toes which turned me on. So I kept having him lick my feet and toes. I pulled my feet out of his mouth and had him lick my heels and soles as well. I could see he loved it because his big cock was sticking out of his pants. I squatted down and started jerking it for him. Then I had him eat my pussy, followed by a sloppy blow job. When his dick was slippery and slobbery, I gave him a hot slutty footjob. His hard cock was throbbing between my soft soles and sexy high arches. Then I rode his cock with my soles up until I came all over it. He bent me over and fucked my juicy pussy while watching my curled toes and wrinkled soles. He fucked me so hard while licking and sucking my feet and soles. At the end he busted his load all over my sexy feet and toes. Cum on feet is so sexy. The only thing better than a sweaty gym session is sweaty gym sex!






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Published: August 9, 2021

Duration: 0:42:45
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