Pink salmon colored heels frame her perfectly manicured toes peeking out just beneath a tiny little strap covering her sweet little piggies. She dances before you like a perfect muse in an oasis, stripping off her matching bra and panties, caressing her tiny little perfect tits, her long hair covering those sweet perky nipples. Her round tight ass up in the sky as she slides down her tiny little G-string panties, placing them in between her sexy princess toes. She delicately slides her sexy panties in between each toe, rubbing her feet with her long sexy nails. On the couch, Mary sucks on her toes, licking the sole of her feet, making any man wish they were able to do such a thing. She seems to be in love with her own feet as she rubs them delicately on on top of the other, her cute little pussy peeking out from behind the arches of her perfect soles. She rubs those sexy soles together that by the time her lucky gentleman friend comes in to receive the footjob he so desperately craves, his cock is ready for some serious foot play. This man gets to enjoy every hole of this foot fetish princess as he focuses ever last detail on her perfect feet, making a sweet little foot pussy with her soles, fucking her sweet sexy soles, about to cum as she strokes his cock from either side, making the cum explode onto the arches of her feet as she gives him the best foot job he has ever had. She strokes the edge of his cock with her feet and toes, delicately rubbing the side and the top, licking her toes to get off each and every drop of cum that slid down onto the base of her pink sexy soles…






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Published: August 28, 2021

Duration: 0:34:48
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