Jake and I have been friends for a few years. I’ve always had a crush on him but lately I was getting the feeling that he knew of my crush. One night after watching a movie together, as friends, I joked that it would be “funny” if we watch porn together. He seemed to like the idea because he queued up many different genres for us to watch. To my surprise though, his first suggestion was some foot fetish porn. So I blatantly told him, “If a guy tried to suck my toes, I’d probably let him.” He seemed stunned like he couldn’t reply so I was about to leave when he stopped me and told me he wanted to suck on my toes. I probably should’ve been shy or embarrassed since my feet had been sweating and cooking in my socks and shoes all day but he seemed to like the overwhelming aroma. It seemed intoxicating to him which made my pussy so wet. He started licking my arch up and down and sucked on each of my toes until I could hardly breathe; I needed to feel his big cock throbbing inside of me. I couldn’t help but touch myself while he worshipped my soft soles and smelly feet. Finally, I tightly wrapped my feet around his cock and gave him a footjob before the sloppiest of blowjobs. He fucked me so hard I can’t remember how many times I came. Obviously, my feet smelled like sex and sweat after he came all over them. I don’t know about our friendship anymore but at least I have a new feet sex buddy.






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Published: June 19, 2019

Duration: 0:48:26
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