What better way to spend a warm sunny day than by hanging out with Piper Perri and Elsa Jean, a couple of wet & wild besties! They’re wearing their little bikini bottoms with thin cotton tops and are hanging out playing on a slip n slide and blasting each other with waterguns, all kinds of fun stuff in the warm sunshine and of course looking sexy as hell. Soon they get too hot to have any clothes on at all and get all oiled up in the nude, making out and eating pussy like lesbians before their guy friend joins them to provide a big thick dick for them both to play with! It’s a red hot hardcore threesome wtih two gorgeous little blonde spinners here on Lubed, and the action gets pretty slick and sexy as these two hotties get fucked one after the other, with Piper Perri showing her bestie Elsa how things are done!


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Published: July 30, 2019

Duration: 0:37:37
Views: 1.75K

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