Best friends, Dana (Maggie Green) and India (Penny Pax), are revealing their deepest, darkest secret to one another. India confided in Dana about how her husband enjoys watching her with another man. Dana tells her about the time she learned that her husband was cheating on her.
Her stepson, Chad, revealed that his father was having an affair with a man. He studied Dana’s face, the hurt, the betrayal, but also the knowing. It was as if she knew of the infidelity in so many little ways, but now that Chad is giving her evidence, she is faced with the future. What will she do? Where will she go? Chad whispers, “leave him.” India listens to Dana recount the events, and even though it happened years ago, the pain of it still lingers behind her friend’s eyes.
“My stepson told me I deserved better,” Dana tells India, “and he was speaking about his own father! He held my hand and I collapsed into his arms. I can’t tell you who made the first move, and oh– it’s all such a blur, but we kissed. It wasn’t a typical peck on the lips, but a sensual lover’s kiss. I felt protected, I felt loved, and God help me, I wanted more.”




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Published: December 12, 2020

Duration: 0:40:27
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