Dana (Maggie Green) and India’s reluctant step son Jake (Jake Adams) make love for the first time.

India was shocked at Dana’s revelation. She had sex with her stepson? It’s not right in any means. Dana rolled her eyes at India’s judgement and decided that “girl’s night,” was over. She picked up her bag and made her way to the door, but then India called out, “stop!”
“I don’t want to make you feel ashamed for your attraction to your step son. I have had these unnatural thoughts myself for my own stepson.” Dana winces at the idea that India thinks she is ‘unnatural,’ her best friend can be so judgmental. “I have a proposal,” India tells her friend happily, “what if we swap sons?” India went on to explain to Dana how her scheme could work.






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Published: December 12, 2020

Duration: 0:40:09
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