Synopsis: A troubled man who is mourning the love of his life turns to a hook-up app. He is catfished by Kenzie Reeves and hilarity and mind-blowing sex ensues.

It’s been five years since Tyler lost the love of his life, his stepmother. The tragedy caused him to move from the midwest to California, and he chose a job that keeps him so busy he can hardly think about the forbidden kiss they shared before he left home. He visits her grave with a heavy heart to pay his respects, and his phone app chimes.
The app shows a stunning little blonde smiling next to his own image, it’s a match, “Hookup Accepted!” He laughs and shakes his head, “don’t judge me, please. Someday I’ll meet a nice girl, like you said you wanted for me. [he mutters under his breath] I just wish that nice girl was you.” He leaves to go to Kenzie’s home.
Kenzie opens the door enthusiastically. She’s wearing a light jacket and it’s obvious that she’s wearing nothing but a lacy lingerie set underneath. Tyler moves to kiss her but she backs up a bit, “let’s get to know each other a little, ok?”
Tyler is confused. This is a hook up app! Kenzie’s profile said “no small talk, just mind-blowing sex.” She playfully hints that they might be compatible for something more, and calls him by his REAL name, not the fake name he chose for the app. Tyler looks towards this door, he realizes this girl is a little strange, he should leave immediately, but she is so sexy. Kenzie cranks up the sex appeal and purrs, “enough small talk, let’s bang.”





Published: December 8, 2020

Duration: 0:39:27
Views: 4.33K

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