Synopsis: Angela travels back in time to see what her life would be like had she not married Skye. Passionately romantic but kinky sex ensues between Tommy Pistol and Angela White. Sex: cumshot Angela wakes up next to a man, a strange Frenchman! She stumbles down the stairs with her head ringing from the time travel, she looks around her posh home. “Okay.. so I must be successful, what is it that I do?” She looks around and sees a muslin cloth, camera equipment, lighting, and she realizes that she’s a photographer. She had once considered, long ago, to capture weddings, communions, bat and bar mitzvahs. but her true passion was acting, and it would be soul killing to be stuck in a job that she hates. Angela rolls her eyes at herself, and just then– her husband comes down the stairs, dressed for work, and arguing in French with someone on the phone. She looks at her grumpy husband, he used to be her friend.. how did she end up with Stefan and not Tommy? Tommy the love of her life. Tommy, the man who used to eat ice cream and watch movies with her when she was feeling blue. “Which Tommy?” “Tommy is on payroll, you know this,” Stefan tells her. She scrunches her brow together, how in the hell did Tom end up working for her husband?
Shortly after Stefan leaves, Tommy arrives and Angela stumbles around the idea of confessing about her chance. She looks into his trusting eyes and hopes he will believe her. He has to. Tommy takes a deep breath and composes himself before he replies. Watch the story unfold.






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Published: December 8, 2020

Duration: 0:53:52
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