Alex pushes her way in the house, “Where’s Vera?!” Brad stops her, “she’s not here, what’s wrong!?” Alex explains that she’s always suspected of Tyler and Vera having a romantic relationship, but she didn’t have evidence, now she has found it, and she’s ready to give Vera a piece of her mind. As Brad listens to Alex rattle off her findings, memories of Tyler and his wife in seemingly innocent situations flood his brain. Tyler loves to grab Vera by the waist and sit her on his lap, it’s something he’s done countless times, but was that an innocent affection between a stepson and his mother or was it romantic? Brad never thought twice about it until now. Oh my God, he thought, Vera IS cheating on me with my own son.

Meanwhile, Tyler receives a text, a video in real time of Alex seducing Brad. He calls Vera, no answer, he calls again and again. Vera isn’t around to take his call, and his warning that Brad knows about the two. Tyler makes the drive all the way back home in the hopes of rescuing Vera from his Dad’s predictable temper. When Vera is confronted by her husband she has to decide between her stepson, and her husband, but little does she know, Tyler is cut from the same cloth as Vera. Tyler’s a young man, he’s confused about a romantic relationship, he doesn’t know what he wants, or what true love really is. Will he choose Vera, or is merely acting in ways to get the most carnal pleasure from the women who love him? Will Brad take Vera back after her betrayal? Watch the story unfold..




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Published: February 7, 2021

Duration: 1:00:11
Views: 11.81K

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