Sweet Elise has fallen hard for her History Professor, Mr. Corbyn. She knows so much about her professor’s personal life, for example, she knows that he is sleeping with a married woman, another professor at the school Mrs. Honey. Elise has spent endless hours wondering why such a kind man would allow himself to be seduced by such an unsavory woman. She’s pretty, for certain, but what is it that she has that Elise doesn’t?

Elise eavesdrops outside of Mr. Corbyn’s classroom door and learns that he’s looking for a new apartment. She has just the solution for his problem: he can stay in her family’s guest home. It’s right outside of her own home, and she can visit him whenever she’d like.

Mr. Corbyn moves into the home and Elise turns up the heat. She needs to behave more mature. Maybe all Mr. Corbyn needs is for Elise to be more forthright like Mrs. Honey? Elise wants Mr. Corbyn to be her first man, to take her virginity, and nobody, not even the vampy Mrs. Honey, can stop her.




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Published: April 26, 2021

Duration: 1:07:09
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