Kimmy is following “typical girl code” when she broke it off with her boyfriend. He wasn’t unkind, he didn’t do anything wrong, but Kimmy wanted him to love her, to burn with fiery passion when he sees her, so she broke it off to give him a little time to know how dim his life would be without her light. She waited 4 days, then 7 days, and now it’s been 9 days and she’s ready to take him back, but oh– she sees that he is interested in a new girl, he’s even flirting with her out in the open, on Facepage, the most popular social media platform. It’s so humiliating! He is supposed to be with her, and what about the girl code? Did it fail her? Did she wait too long?

She’s figured out a way to get her brother to help her. He won’t want to help her unless she pulls on his heartstrings. Kim knows just how to do it, he’ll be her instrument, she’ll play with his male ego, his brotherly instinct to protect her, and she’ll get him to take a racy picture or two for Facepage. His face will be cropped out, so nobody will know it’s her brother she’s “webflixing and chilling with,” but his masculine arm around her is going to make her boyfriend go insane.

Watch the story unfold…

Includes Kimmy Granger’s FIRST MissaX video, her brother Chad White, creampie.







Published: July 23, 2020

Duration: 0:27:35
Views: 45.83K

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