My stepsister is always glued to her phone. It all started when her friends got her on social media, and being online brought out a competition in her. Blair

measures her worth by her friends, hearts, and comments on her posts, and the posts never ever stop.

I used to have a great relationship with Blair, we were more than just family, we were friends. We liked to go hiking, painting, and go out to movies. I wish

she would go back to the way she was, they way we were.

She looks at her social media and sees her friend is getting more attention that she is. Her friend has a new boyfriend, and apparently the couple looks

really great together. Blair fumes, “she is always trying to one up me,” she explains the importance of presenting your best self online. I tried to soothe

her, tell her she needs to take a break from social media, but she has other ideas in mind. She wants to use me to make her friend jealous.

“Blair, your social media numbers don’t measure your worth. You’re a charming, beautiful, intelligent young woman, and..”

She rolls her eyes and snaps, “take off your shirt, really quick. Let me see if you’re ripped” “excuse me?”

“Oh Jesus..” Blair thinks out loud, “what if you don’t have a hot bod, then this plan would never work.”

“A hot bod? What are you talking about,”I cross my arms, hoping to block her view of my chest.

“Just do it.. we don’t have much time. I need a diversion and we’re going to pretend you’re my boyfriend.”

“Sit back down.. that’s never going to happen”

Blair puts on her sweet voice, “please?”

Watch the story unfold..






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Published: August 17, 2021

Duration: 0:33:55
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