Kristen Scott’s true life story: Kristen Scott uses a dating app to go on a date with a lesbian for the first time, AJ Applegate. She learns that AJ has some baggage, she was married before, but she’s separated. Kristen immediately is put off by dating a married woman but AJ pleads, “I’m getting a divorce. Can’t we just get to know each other?” Kristen quickly falls head over heels in love with AJ during the next few weeks. Kristen needs a place to stay and AJ needs a roommate. What’s better than rooming with the girl you’re falling in love with? AJ kisses Kristen as Tommy Pistol arrives, “hey babe, I’m finally home from my work trip,” he kisses AJ on the cheek. Kristen looks at AJ in shock. Tom and AJ explain to her, “we’re still living together but for tax and insurance benefits.” Kristen feels betrayed but she watches Tommy and his dark good looks. AJ takes Kristen to the bedroom, “you like the room?” Kristen takes the alone time to corner AJ, “you lied to me!” AJ, “I did not lie to you. I just didn’t tell you the entire truth.” Kristen listens to AJ’s lies, and tries to believe them. She’s in love, and she desperately wants everything to be okay. She wants the perfect girlfriend, a comfortable home, and a happy life. AJ begins to make love to a reluctant Kristen, when Tommy comes in and joins them. Kristen quickly learns that AJ and Tommy have duped her into being a third in their relationship, but will Kristen accept their plan? Watch the story unfold..




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Published: October 6, 2021

Duration: 1:36:01
Views: 9.33K

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