Includes: Creampie for Kenna, and Cadence cleaning it up

Stepdaddy Chad White tries to assert himself as the man of the house, but his stepdaughter, Kenna James, and her friend, Cadence Lux get the upperhand. Chad is persuaded to take Kenna’s virginity, but he will not Cadence have him, she must learn submission.
Chad paces in the kitchen. He thinks to himself, “I will not be told what to do by a couple of 18-year-olds. This is my house and they will abide by my rules.” Meanwhile, two horny girls, Cadence and Kenna, are scheming about how to get Chad to be the first man to take Kenna’s virginity. Chad opens the fridge and grabs a cucumber, his face is flushed with emotion, whether it’s excitement, anger, or embarrassment, he can’t be sure, he walks up the stairs to their bedroom with purpose. He opens the door and the girls are shocked, he then tosses the cucumber on the bed, and insists that Kenna use it to satisfy her urges. After the girls giggle about the absurdity of the situation, Kenna takes control. She wants to see her stepfather’s penis while she masturbates with it. Watch the story unfold..




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Published: February 1, 2021

Duration: 0:40:39
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