Bettina (Texas Patti) is annoyed with her 18-year-old stepdaughter Heidi (Anny Aurora), who is too wrapped up in her cell phone to help Bettina carry the groceries into their home.

Finally, Bettina threatens to ground Heidi unless she helps, and Heidi bursts into tears. Bettina is immediately concerned, asking Heidi what’s wrong. Heidi eventually admits why she’s upset: her girlfriend wants to have sex with her that night and since she’s a virgin, she’s super nervous about screwing up.

Bettina is supportive and gets an idea, offering to help Heidi. Bettina leans in and kisses Heidi, who is powerless to resist her sexy stepmom.

Bettina is going to show Heidi everything she needs to know about pleasing a woman…


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Published: August 16, 2020

Duration: 0:32:50
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