Melody has always assumed that a blowjob violates the law of chastity, even for married couples. But she’ll need to prove that her virgin mouth can satisfy a well-hung stranger at the temple veil before she can continue on her journey.

Sweet, virginal Melody has been thoroughly tested by Jane, a gorgeous blonde with icy blue eyes. Jane is a high priestess, and, as such, has more power than most woman in The Order. Melody is a recent convert to polygamyism, and the promise of finally, fully belonging to the group makes her desperate to please Jane. But Jane is not easily impressed. After inspecting the girl’s quivering pussy with several thick glass cocks, Jane commanded Melody to suck on a massive dildo that left the young girl gagging for air.

But Melody loved every second of it. When Jane finally mounted Melody, pressing her hot naked flesh against the girl, she whispered, “Show me how deep you can take it,” and Melody nearly fainted from desire.

However, Melody’s initiation is far from over. It’s time for Melody to prove that she can handle a real cock.

“Good girl,” Jane says as she takes off the strap-on coated with Melody’s cum and covers herself again with a robe. “Are you ready to demonstrate that you sustain and obey the Seed Bearer?”

“I’ll do anything,” Melody says.

“I want you to service a stranger at the veil. You will suck his cock, just like I taught you.”

“You want me to please a stranger?” Melody is nervous and excited.

Jane smiles at her and lifts the girl’s chin. “That’s right.” She holds her firm in her steely gaze. “Be careful to do exactly as I’ve instructed. No teeth.”

Melody is scared as she enters the room with a long white curtain where Jane told her to wait. She trembles as she puts on the ceremonial robes.

After being so intimate with Jane, it almost feels wrong to please some stranger. Isn’t she doing something terribly sinful? She stands by the curtain, full of worry.

Suddenly, two huge hands grab for her. They yank the girl into the veil and hold her tight.

She shocked. Who’s there? She didn’t even hear anyone enter the room. One big, powerful hand holds her in a vice-like grip, while the other squeezes her breasts.

Melody cries out, but the stranger clamps a hand over her mouth and pushes her lips open. Three fingers guide their way deep into her throat. She chokes a little.

“Relax,” she hears a deep voice say.

Melody can feel something hard and throbbing pressed against her ass. The hands turn her around and push her onto her knees. Through the holes in the curtain, Melody can just make out a belt, slowly unbuckling.

“Open your mouth,” the voice hisses. Whether or not it’s sinful, it’s time for the girl to give him a blowjob. As soon as the thick, veiny cock pushes through the slit, Melody decides that she’ll do her duty. Though she feels guilty, her pussy tightens at the sight of it.

Melody puts her lips against the wet head and slowly takes it in her mouth. The stranger begins to moan immediately.

She runs her tongue up and down the shaft as Jane taught her too, paying particular attention to the balls, which already seem to be tight and pulsing with cum.

Everything she does to his throbbing member causes the man to shake and cry out. She wonders if he has been serviced like this before.

As she sucks more vigorously, he grabs Melody’s hair and pushes her down so that his shaft touches the back of her throat.

She lets her saliva pour down his dick and bobs her head as fast as she can.

She’s never tasted a man’s cock, but she knows from his wild groans he must be close. It’s strange, but in this moment Melody feels close to Jane. She imagines her mouth has been where Melody’s mouth is, giving the same pleasure. She imagines Jane soaked in the stranger’s cum, just like she’s about to be.


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Published: May 11, 2020

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