Mackenzie Moss loves her phone. Especially the “hook-up apps” she has installed. Mackenzie loves “randos” almost as much as her phone. “Rando” is what millennials call a random person; as in, “OMG (oh my god!) I totally fucked a rando just now!” That’s what Mackenzie texts her bestie as she’s making her way home from getting banged out. Just like you’re about to watch. Like most of us, Mackenzie loves the thrill of having sex with a brand new person, preferably one she just met. She thinks it’s even hotter if she doesn’t know the dude’s (or girl’s) name! One minute she’s in her college dorm room, studying for her biology exam…and the next, she’s swiped right and her heart is racing as she meets you at the bar…and within an hour you’ve got Mackenzie on your bed and ready to play!





Published: September 30, 2019

Duration: 0:36:22
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