My hot stepmom has been getting calls from my school about my declining grades. I should care, but I more focused on getting pussy in college like a normal person. Unlike a normal person, my stepmom teases me with her juicy tits, but when I try to grab them she facepalms me! She tries to motivate me to improve my grades, a little studying – a lot of tits! I go back to her after I’ve absorbed some college crap and try again, she shows me her beautiful ass but that’s STILL all I get for now. If this keeps up, I might actually learn something. Finally, after like 3 hours of studying, my stepmom decides to reward my hard work by sucking my hard cock. I turn around and slam her MILF pussy from behind while I watch her big tits knock together – it reminded me of a physics problem I was working on earlier. What’s happening to me!? Anyway, I kept pounding my hot stepmom and made her orgasm for all her sexy troubles & then unloaded all over her myself. I’m definitely getting better grades this semester!






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Published: July 23, 2021

Duration: 0:20:00
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