My new stedaughter keeps walking around in next to no clothing, she is too comfortable and its driving me to all kinds of shameful thoughts! I’m literally telling my friend this when she walks up in a cutoff shirt that exposes her huge tits & nipp… inappropriate! I tell her I’m going golfing for the day, she seems a little disappointed & says she plans to stick around and was hoping we could hang out. I’ve booked 18 holes, but all I can think about are my stepdaughter’s 3 holes. I do something I shouldn’t and decide to stay home with my her and boy does it pay off when I catch her rubbing her tight teen pussy through those booty shorts. It doesn’t take much before I’m sucking on her juicy tits. She seems really impressed with my big cock as she sucks it and licks my balls. She twerks her amazing fat ass all over my dick, bouncing up & down as her pussy gets wetter. I play with her little asshole while I fuck her doggystyle then make her cum a few more times in missionary before I shoot a big load in my stepdaughter’s teen cunt. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, I blew a day of golfing – but still got a hole in one.






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Published: July 23, 2021

Duration: 0:24:10
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