She’s a cute, slender little blonde spinner and is here to audition for a job as a calendar app model…meet beautiful Kiara! She showed up in cute little shorts to show off those long sexy legs of hers, figuring it would give her a little advantage and in the modeling industry every little bit counts. Kiara’s willing to do anything it takes for this job and at Net Video Girls that means getting naked and showing every inch of body, not to mention sucking and fucking the cameraman’s big dick! They’ve gotta make sure the girls have what it takes to be a calendar app model, of course…well, if there WAS a calendar app I guess that would be important. For the NVG guys they just want to get these horny amateur hotties naked and fucked on camera and Kiara is all in as you can see!


NetVideoGirls, NVGNetwork



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Published: September 5, 2018

Duration: 1:14:30
Views: 3.84K

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