We just met beautiful busty Lillian recently when she auditioned for a job as a calendar app model and we were blown away of course by how smokin hot and sexy she was, and how she handled that big dick…well she’s back and this time she’s reaching for the lofty heights of the Net Girl title! She’s not alone, either; Lillian is joined by another prior NVG model, Erica, who you might remember from that cute sweet petite spinner body…the two girls immediately strip each other down and start making out and eating pussy like they’d been lovers forever, and the cameraman Jonte gets his big black cock sucked by each of them in turn and fucks both of those tight perfect pussies in this red hot Net Girl threeway! If you missed Lillian’s first shoot by the way I’ll link it here for you and of course I’ve got Erica’s first shoot available as well so enjoy all that.

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