Some people are just born to be a masseuse haha…Lilly Ford here has the right touch when it comes to giving this guy the rubdown he was craving, and apparently, she makes housecalls! Lilly showed up with her portable table and as soon as this guy saw that perfect ass of hers in her tiny little tight shorts he knew he had made the right choice in massage therapists lol. She had him strip down and took her time rubbing him all over, sliding her hands over his strong body and admiring that huge cock draped across this thighs! She rubbed oil into his body and got closer and closer to that dick, finally moving her hands over his now rock-hard fuck stick before hopping up and taking care of business with her lips and tongue and that tight little horny pussy of hers here on Passion HD! Lilly Ford has an amazing body and this guy gives her the deep dicking she was craving before she took a big cum facial!

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