Blaten Lee was getting dressed for work when her stepson came into her room asking for some cash. She had some to spare but has not really been able to suck a good cock in a while. If stepson was willing to let her blow him, she would lend him the cash. Who would pass that up? Later that day Blaten returned from work super drained and had to get out of her clothes. Her stepson told her to take it into the other room, and she fired back that maybe he should take his cock and shove it up her cunt. They fucked right there on the couch and wrapped it up before dad could get home. The next morning Blaten was baking muffins when stepson wanted cupcakes. This got his nerves up, and her see through lingerie was getting him extremely hard. They decided to forget about the muffins and fuck right there in the kitchen. Stepson even took the time to cum on her lovely face. Everyone was satisfied, except dad who came home to the most burnt ass muffins he has ever tasted in his whole damn life.

Getting Paid To Let Stepmom Suck My Cock

I really needed some spending money so I decided to go ask my stepmom for it since she usually coughs it up quick. I happened to walk in on her while she was getting dressed and she said she would give me the cash, but only if she could suck my cock! I was shocked, but also pretty pleased. Having a super hot older woman give you a blowjob does not happen too often. I had to make the most of it.

Womb Envy Stepmom Style

After a long day at work, my stepmom got home so drained that she began to take her clothes off right in front of me. I told her that was a bad idea, but that did not stop her. I could not help but get turned on by her hot body. She truly enjoyed blowing me earlier in the day and now wanted to get impaled by my stiff teen cock. How could I say no? I fucked her juicy pussy on the couch until she was calling me daddy, even though I was her damn stepson…

Snacks For My Stepson

Stepmom was making muffins when I asked for cupcakes. She was doing this to get my nerves up. She was even dressed in her sexiest lingerie too which made me extra hard. Before long we forgot about the muffins and remembered how to get down and dirty. I fucked her motherly pussy right there in the kitchen and came all over her caring face. I think the muffins got burned.


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Published: September 28, 2018

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