Kiki Daire is the head bitch in charge of this household, having successfully broken up her husband’s previous marriage. Now that shes moved in, she’s living with her new husband and stepson. One afternoon, she barges into her stepson’s room and asks him what he’s doing. He’s just lying on his bed, so he’s not sure what her problem is. She wastes no time showing him exactly what her problem is, she’s starving for some cock. She goes down on her stepson like a hungry hippo, devouring his big cock and swallowing his load, showing him exactly why his father left his mom.

The next day, Kiki catches her stepson before he leaves the house and asks for his opinion while she tries on new lingerie. She wants to make sure his father likes it, and she decides the best way to do that is by gauging her stepson’s reaction first. And his dick doesn’t lie, springing to attention at the sight of her big, pendulous breasts. She takes his hand and places his probing fingers between her perfectly shaved meat curtains. A look of satisfaction comes over his stepmoms smug face as she relishes the taste of his cum in her throat.

The next night, her husband is asleep when her stepson gets home. Although she hasn’t stepped foot in the kitchen all day, she makes sure her stepson stays well fed with a big, heaping mouthful of his stepmoms moist pussy delight.

Knock Before You Enter

My stepmom barged into my room yesterday without even knocking. What if she had walked in on me doing something? She’s so weird, I don’t understand what dad sees in her,…well, aside from her huge tits. But then she showed me. My stepmoms loud mouth was good at something other than barking at me about doing my chores.

Stepmoms Striptease

Stepmom called me into the living room so she could try on some new panties. She wanted my opinion but it was hard to concentrate on the lingerie because my mind was racing thinking about sticking my cock in her warm mouth again. I didn’t have much time to think because, in no time, she had peeled off her bra and was rubbing her big titties. And who knew my stepmom had a tattoo? Right over her big fat hairless pussy, there is a tiny red heart with some writing on it. I was a little distracted but I’m pretty sure it said No Regrets. Man, my stepmom is the best.

Stepmoms Pussy Buffet

I had to knock on the door when I got home because I forgot my keys. My stepmom seemed pretty annoyed when she came to the door, but I had a feeling her frustration was less about me getting home late and more about her sexual frustrations. She tried to play coy, her wide set eyes rolling in exasperation. When she tells me the only thing that helps her get back to sleep is a good orgasm, I drop to my knees and eats my stepmoms pussy like I’m at an all you can eat country buffet.


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Published: October 8, 2018

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