Alessandra Snow is a busy stepmom who tries to make time for her stepson whenever possible. One morning she was venting to him about how much she did not want to go to work, but all he could do was stare at her tits. She called him out on it and had him drop his trousers so she could see if he was actually turned on by this. He was as hard as a rock. Alessandra was kind of proud, so she began to jerk him off and suck him a little. She had to cut it short though, but she made a reminder to make sure to fully satisfy him at some other point in the week.

Later that day Alessandra got home pretty tired, and would not be able to fuck her stepson just yet, but she still needed to pleasure herself a little before she got some rest. She began to twiddle her twat furiously while stepson sneakily watched from the door. She knew what he was doing, and that shit turned her on exponentially more.

The next day Alessandra walked in on her stepson masturbating and told him she knew what he was doing the other day. Before he could try and make up excuses, Alessandra began to suck his cock and allow him entry into her tight mature cunt. Stepson was able to finally get his nut, please his stepmom, and wrap it all up before dad got home. This family has their shit on lock!

Stepmom Is Working On My Dick

My stepmom was a little cranky and did not want to go to work. She was being supercritical and even scolded me for looking at her huge tits. This is the first time I have ever gotten caught doing that. I tried to lie, but she saw me adjusting my boner. Now I had to show it to her. Fuck. She grasped my dick firmly and whipped her tits out. This was turning out better than I had expected, too bad she cut things short and left me with blue balls for no apparent reason. Hopefully she will make it up to me later…

Stepmom Goes To The Spank Bank

Stepmom came home from work looking tired and annoyed. She took her heels off and went in her room to change. I decided to stand by the door and get off to the sight of her hot mature body. She started to masturbate and I was freaking out. This was the hottest shit I had ever seen. I even got some shots of it on my phone. Keeping these shots for the spank bank!

Pounding Stepmom Before Dad Gets Home

My nosy stepmom caught me masturbating for the first time ever. She seemed a little too devious about this, like she knew she was going to catch me. She divulged that she knew I was watching her the other day. It looked like I was screwed, but I was actually fucked… In a great way! Stepmom took my cock orally to make up for the time she left me blue balled and even let me get inside her moist pussy too. For a woman who has had kids, that twat was pretty damn tight!

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