Mia Moore is always being judged on not being able to do certain activities due to being a little petite babe. All she wants to do is go horseback riding but Charles thinks she will fall out of the saddle and hurt herself. It is such a big fall for such a little girl. Charles makes her ride a little toy pony to see just how well she handles it before the real challenge happens of seeing how she can handle a big cock in her little mouth and petite pussy. Mia is up for any challenge and gets his cock deep in her mouth. She surprises Charles being able to take it all but he is not convinced yet. She better show him how well she can ride and by ride he means his hard cock. Can she bounce up and down without falling off and take a few smacks on that sexy little ass. If she can’t handle a smack she better watch out riding a horse on a trail. Mia passes with flying colors and is rewarded with a hot load of cum all over her beautiful little pussy! Maybe she can ride a stallion afterall!


CherryPimps, PetiteXXX




Published: November 5, 2020

Duration: 0:24:43
Views: 1.28K

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