Meet newcomer Sophia Grey. On the location of a beautiful home in Los Angeles, California, Sophia tells us more about herself as the photographer, Madeline Northway, captures her. “I’m originally from a small town outside Sacramento,” shares Sophia. “I grew up on 5 acres with lots of animals and spent most of my childhood running around barefoot outside.” Aside from modeling and her career, Sophia loves photography. “I recently rediscovered my passion for photography,” she says. “I spent my high school and college years in the darkroom. I love the whole process of seeing a vision in my head, to shooting, to editing. I get really into it.” As for being on set, Sophia had a great time. “I felt so sexy and empowered during my photoshoot, and it feels amazing to be a part of such an iconic brand,” she says. “This was my first time doing a fully nude photo shoot, so admittedly, I was a bit nervous.” Though she was nervous, Sophia was happy she did it. “It’s been a long journey for me to accept my body —flaws and all— but I embraced the experience. It was liberating and empowering!” Stay tuned for more from Sophia, right here on Playboy Plus.





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Published: December 12, 2020

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