November Playmates of the Decade – Britany Nola, Ciara Price, Gemma Lee Farrell, Gia Marie, Gillian Chan, Ines Rau, Rachel Harris, Shelby Rose And Shera Bechard

This Editor’s Choice compilation is right on time. Browse through and get to know some of the November Playmates of the last decade with us: Shera Bechard (Miss November 2010), Ciara Price (Miss November 2011), Britany Nola (Miss November 2012), Gemma Lee Farrell (Miss November 2013), Gia Marie (Miss November 2014), Rachel Harris (Miss November 2015), Ines Rau (Miss November 2017), Shelby Rose (Miss November 2018), and Gillian Chan (Miss November 2019). “I want to empower people with curves,” says Shelby, who stresses the importance of body positivity in her pictorial. “There’s not much praise out there for women who are the size I am. If you have curves, flaunt them. Enjoy them!” For Gillian, who posed for our pleasure issue, posing for Playboy represents being proud of her body and creating art with it. “Pleasure means peace of mind. And in recent years, I’ve realized that practicing self-care is key,” she says. “For me, posing nude feels like a form of artistic expression. Here are the curves of my body; here’s how a body looks, and it’s normal.” Make sure to check out all our November Playmates right here on Playboy Plus.




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Published: November 16, 2020

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