“My special talent? I’m great at listening. I think everyone has something important to say,” says Viviane Leigh. Back for her second pictorial this year, Viviane is on set of a beautiful backyard in Los Angeles, California, with the photographer, Torrey West. Dressed in all white, Viviane fin ds a sense of peace under the sun and among the trees. When it comes to dating, Viviane looks for someone who is confident and knows themself. “A kind-hearted man, confident, and self-aware,” she says. “The most important quality is he is aware of his emotions and isn’t afraid of exploring them with me.” Viviane also shared some of her best bedroom advice with us. “Communication,” she says. “The best sex is about pleasuring each other, not just ourselves. To do that, you need to understand your partner’s turn-ons and needs!” Check out all of Viviane’s galleries right here on Playboy Plus.





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Published: December 12, 2020

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