Pornstar: Alex Adams

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FamilyTherapy – Further Instruction – Kate Dee, Alex Adams


So how did it go? Did you do it?.. Well you can't just say something like that... C'mon, she really liked you. This should have been pretty easy... Well, maybe I should just do it myself. I'm your big step-sister and ...

FamilyTherapy – If It Feels Right – Mya Mays, Alex Adams


Step-dad, I need to talk to you.. My boyfriend broke up with me. I don't understand why... Well I think I know why. But I was just trying to wait... No, I wanted to have sex. I really wanted it. I just thought.... **...

FamilyTherapy – The Bet – Sofia Sweet, Alex Adams


A step-sister bets her step-brother that she can turn him on after he tells her there's no way she could give him a boner.... ***Starring Sofia Sweet***

FamilyTherapy – The Fishing Trip – Taylor Blake, Alex Adams


Sit down, I just want to talk. We don’t talk enough anymore... Especially since you’ve been spending so much time with my best friend… How was that fishing trip you went on with him last week? Did you catch anything…....

FamilyTherapy – Let Me Watch – Jasmine Vega, Alex Adams


Aren’t you worried Step-Mom will catch you again? You got in trouble for watching porn just a couple days ago. You must be really horny.. I could tell on you. That’s what a good step-sister would do… But I don’t think...

FamilyTherapy – The Guarantee – Skylar Vox, Alex Adams


Oh no! Now you can't be a slut. Guess you'll have to find another guy online to fuck, since your boyfriend can't come over... I'm just saying you could find better guys. Just because your boyfriend can make you cum, d...

FamilyTherapy – Bad Girls Have More Fun – Leana Lovings, Alex Adams


Step-dad, I've been bad again.. No I'm being serious. I'm not making it up. And I need to be punished. You have to spank me... I obviously need more discipline because I can't stop misbehaving....

FamilyTherapy – Paper Beats Rock – Dani Blu, Alex Adams


How's my favorite step-dad doing?.. You know what I've been thinking about? Don't tell me to go to my room.. I just keep thinking about my ass slapping into your fat cock... Why is that so bad?.. Don't just say we can...

FamilyTherapy – The Expert – Gracie Gates, Leana Lovings, Alex Adams


A step-brother overhears a strange conversation and can't help but share his experience on the matter.... ***Starring Gracie Gates & Leana Lovings***

FamilyTherapy – Permission Granted – Bess Breast, Alex Adams


I know what you're doing back there. You're not good at being sneaky. You're such a little pervert.. Jerking off to your step-sister behind her back. That's gross. Where are your manners? You could at least ask for pe...

FamilyTherapy – Relationship Advice – Kimmy Kim, Alex Adams


What do you think I should do?.. But I love him. He promised he wouldn't do it again... I know you're probably right. You're my big step-brother, you're usually right about everything. But maybe it'll be different thi...

FamilyTherapy – Learning Opportunity – Honey Hayes, Reyna Delacruz, Alex Adams


We need to ask a personal question.. We've been having sex, and it hasn't been going very well... Please step-dad, we need to ask advise from someone with experience. All the guys we've hooked up with cum really fast,...

FamilyTherapy – Master Class – Honey Hayes, Alex Adams


That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard... Why would not having sex or jerking off make you smarter or more focused?.. If you're horny you should just do it. Trust me, I'm your big step-brother, I'm more experienced ...

FamilyTherapy – Family Massage – Skylar Vox, Alex Adams


Hey, are you busy? Can you give me a massage? I just got out of the shower... You always give me the best massages. You know just how to touch me... Maybe I can give you a massage too this time.... ***Starring Skylar...

FamilyTherapy – Our Secret – Jessica Marie, Alex Adams


You're my step-brother. You shouldn't tease me like that. It makes me horny. I'm not joking... I'm serious. Doesn't it make you excited too? Be honest.. I bet it does.... ***Starring Jessica Marie***

FamilyTherapy – Come Again – Bailey Base, Alex Adams


A frustrated little step-sister comes to her big step-brother for a solution to her relationship problem.... ***Starring Bailey Base***

FamilyTherapy – Santa’s Big Helper – Sarah Lace, Alex Adams


A big step-brother supervises his little step-sister while she decorates the Christmas tree... ***Starring Sarah Lace***

FamilyTherapy – Practice Makes Perfect – Skylar Vox, Alex Adams


Alex is sad. He hasn't left his room in two days. His big step-sister asks him what happened. He admits his girlfriend broke up with him, and reluctantly tells Skylar the reason why... His big step-sister assures him ...

FamilyTherapy – Give And Take – Harlow West, Alex Adams


A step-brother and step-sister figure out how to deal with natural urges while sharing a room on vacation.... ***Starring Harlow West & a REAL creampie from her step-brother***

FamilyTherapy – Kinsley Kane Truth Or Dare – Kinsley Kane, Alex Adams


On a rainy day at home a bored step-sister convinces her step-brother to play truth or dare.... ***Starring Kinsley Kane***

FamilyTherapy – The Helpful Step-Daughter – Lacey London, Alex Adams


A sweet and energetic step-daughter insists on helping her step-dad.... ***Starring Lacey London***

FamilyTherapy – Dealmaking – Lulu Chu, Alex Adams


A step-brother and step-sister have a mutually beneficial arrangement that suddenly becomes much more beneficial.... ***Starring Lulu Chu***

FamilyTherapy – A Crazy Idea – Marilyn Masters, Alex Adams


After spending the day at the beach with her step-son, step-mom admits to having thoughts she knows she shouldn't.... ***Starring Marilyn Masters***

FamilyTherapy – The Vacation Secret – Ally Cooper, Dixie Lynn, Alex Adams


While on family vacation at the beach Alex learns his step-sisters have been keeping a secret.... ***Starring Ally Cooper & Dixie Lynn***

FamilyTherapy – Surprise Introduction – Alina Ali, Casca Akashova, Alex Adams


Alex's horny step-mom gets to know his new teen girlfriend.... ***Starring Casca Akashova & Alina Ali***

FamilyTherapy – Essential Services – Alina Ali, Alex Adams


An overly zealous little step-brother is confronted by his desperately horny big step-sister during quarantine.... ***Starring Alina Ali***

FamilyTherapy – Step-Mother’s Hospitality – Artemisia Love aka Artemisa Love, Alex Adams


Artemisa spends quality time alone with her step-son's best friend.... ***Starring Artemisa Love***

FamilyTherapy – Summer Afternoon – Annabel Redd, Alex Adams


A step-sister joins her step-brother in bed after the ac stops working in her room.... ***Annabel Redd***

FamilyTherapy – Take The Family Pill – Katie Monroe, Nikki Sweet, Alex Adams


Alex is almost 30, still lives at home, is unemployed, and is a virgin. After many failed attempts to help him, his step-mom and step-sister take drastic action.... ***Starring Katie Monroe & Nikki Sweet***

FamilyTherapy – A Little Attention – Aria Banks, Alex Adams


A petite little step-sister makes her big step-brother play with her before his girlfriend comes over.... ***Starring Aria Banks***

FamilyTherapy – Step-Mom Needs Content – Maxim Law, Alex Adams


That's right baby, just hold the camera, it's already rolling.. No, we can just start. I'll edit the video later. Just lay back and relax step-son, this is Step-Mommy's job. I know exactly what to do... You're doing g...

FamilyTherapy – Petite Daughter’s Desire – Dahlia Red aka Emma Johnson, Alex Adams


A sweet redhead daughter is in heat and convinces her father to satisfy her, despite his fears of his wife finding out... ***Starring Dahlia Red***

FamilyTherapy – Big Sister’s Massage Therapy – Spencer Bradley, Alex Adams


Just relax.. I don't care that I saw you jerking off. It's perfectly normal... Just give me my massage, it won't take long. I'm really sore from my workout today.. And I don't care if your boner rubs my butt a little....

FamilyTherapy – Mother’s Favor – Heather Vahn, Alex Adams


Sit down baby.. How was your day?.. That's very good to hear. You know that date I went on last night? Yes, it went very well actually... Baby, you know how we do everything together, and we don't have any secrets.. N...

FamilyTherapy – Little Sister’s Christmas Present – Aria Banks, Alex Adams


The family takes a vacation to Florida for Christmas and Alex's little sister is determined to get him into the holiday spirit.... ***Starring Aria Banks***

FamilyTherapy – Latina Sisters Catch Dad Spying – Ella Cruz, Violet Myers, Alex Adams


Lesbian sisters catch their dad watching them play with each other and realize the best solution to stop his snooping might be giving him what he really wants.... ***Starring Ella Cruz & Violet Myers***

FamilyTherapy – Just Ask – Hailey Little, Alex Adams


You know I can see you hiding behind the curtains, right?... No, you're not. You were watching me... And jerking off. Oh really? Then why do you have a hard on? Stop it, sit down... I've been wanting to talk to you ab...

FamilyTherapy – Big Sister Story – Dylann Vox, Alex Adams


Alex discovers his big sister is secretly making custom videos for men online... And to his amazement her specialty is exactly his own secret fantasy...

FamilyTherapy – Brother & Sister’s Simple Solution – Dylann Vox, Alex Adams


Dylan tells her brother all about an unsuccessful date and in the process admits an embarrassing idea...

HotCrazyMess – Clean Yourself Up S1:E8 – Vivianna Mulino, Alex Adams


Vivianna Mulino has recently moved in with one of her dad's friends who tries to be understanding about his roommate's lack of give a fuck about cleanliness or finding a job. Having a roommate is a big adjustment for ...

HotCrazyMess – Daddy Issues S1:E7 – Lily Rader, Alex Adams


Lily Rader is super into her new stepbrother. He's currently between jobs and living at home with his mom and new stepdad and Lily is determined to get him inside her twat. She tries being friendly, chatting him up an...

HotCrazyMess – Behind Dads Back S1:E6 – Audrey Grace, Alex Adams


Dad's friend is babysitting Audrey Grace, whose dad doesn't trust her home alone even though this teen is legally an adult. She splays herself out on the couch with her thighs spread to show off the way her tight shor...

HotCrazyMess – Seducing Moms Man S1:E5 – Alex Blake, Alex Adams


Alex Blake has always had a thing for her stepdad. As soon as her mom goes away for a trip, Alex makes her move. She asks her stepdad if her crazy underwear are too much. When her subtle advance isn't enough, Alex inv...

HotCrazyMess – Teacher Trap S1:E4 – Piper June, Alex Adams


A college lecturer is surprised when he opens the door and sees his student Piper June on the other side. Piper slips inside before he can tell her no and locks the door behind her, claiming that she wanted to ask him...

HotCrazyMess – Cant Help Myself S1:E3 – Riley Star, Alex Adams


A therapist has a new client, Riley Star. This hot young mess was sent to therapy after her mom learned that Riley has been fucking her stepdad. Riley thinks her mom should be okay with her antics, especially since sh...

HotCrazyMess – Fucking For Cash S1:E2 – Alissa Avni, Alex Adams


Alissa Avni has a pretty good relationship with her stepdad now that she has moved back in while she looks for a job. It's a bit rough for dad since his full-grown stepdaughter is now flaunting her tits and twat all o...

HotCrazyMess – Scheming Step Daughter S1:E1 – Ivory Logan, Alex Adams


Ivory Logan's stepdad is faced with the unfortunate task of telling his stepdaughter that her mom is kicking her out of the house. Ivory can't believe what she's hearing! She asks her stepdad to talk to her mom and of...