Pornstar: Oliver Faze

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FreeuseMILF – A Freeuse Favor – Julia Robbie, Oliver Faze


Oliver and his friend, Joe, need a ride to the bowling alley. Oliver’s new stepmom, Julia, is willing to take them, but only if they help her with some chores around the house. Only Julia isn’t like most stepmoms – sh...

FreeUseMILF – Saved By Freeuse – Crystal Clark, Oliver Faze


Oliver has been doing No Nut November and his balls are so backed up that he starts imagining the pie asking him to fuck it! Crystal walks into the kitchen to find her stepson fucking her pie! She immediately helps hi...

Anal4K – Lingerie Tease – Olivia Madison, Oliver Faze


Olivia does a sexy tease in skimpy lingerie.

HotAndMean – Raunchy Realtor Gets Fucked Part 1 – Siri Dahl, Adira Allure, Oliver Faze


Sexy redhead Siri Dahl is trying to sell a house and currently showing some prospective buyers around. The open house gets chaotic when Adira Allure shows up though; a cute little slut with an insatiable pussy and an ...

LittleAsians – Nerdy Chloe Comes Alive – Chloe Surreal, Oliver Faze


Chloe is finally getting some one-on-one time with Oliver, the hottest guy she knows. She knows this is her chance to show him that she’s not just some nerdy girl but a total babe looking to score.

LittleAsians – Bed Share – Elle Lee, Sarah Song, Oliver Faze


Sarah and her stepdaughter Elle are noting how hot the house is given to a broken AC that hasn’t been fixed. Sarah remembers that her new stepson Oliver is coming to visit, but she didn’t expect him to look so hot. Ol...

BadMilfs – Attention Seekers – Eliza Rae, Katie Kush, Oliver Faze


The elegant Eliza Rae is having a business lunch with her new partner Katie Kush, which upsets Oliver, who also wants attention from Ms. Rae. To make up for not giving him the consideration he wanted, she attends to h...

BadMilfs – Picture Day – Kayla Paige, Vanessa Moon, Oliver Faze


It’s picture day, and Kayla Paige, Vanessa Moon, and Oliver Faze have gathered together for a new portrait. Vanessa introduces her boyfriend, Oliver, to her stepmom, Kayla, who quickly likes the boy after seeing his c...

MomDrips – Anything for My Princess – Joslyn Jane, Oliver Faze


After Joslyn discovers raunchy messages that Oliver sent to her daughter, she decides to confront the perv. Oliver strikes a deal with Joslyn to stop seeing her daughter, but Josyln will need to fill an important role...

FreeUseMILF – Bathroom Break Freeuse – Leya Falcon, Oliver Faze


When Oliver is invited to his boss’ house to watch the game, he figures he can take the chance to pitch some ideas to him. His boss doesn’t wanna talk business today and tells Oliver to relax, so Oliver goes to the ki...

BFFs – We’re With the Band – Ava Sinclaire, Jazmin Luv, Penelope Kay, Oliver Faze


Ava Sinclair, Jazmin Luv, and Penelope Kay can’t wait to meet the ultra-famous rock star Oliver Faze. The three best friends make sure to look their sluttiest in the hopes of getting Oliver's attention. Oliver can’t b...

MomSwap – “Art Project” Swap – Demi Nova, Lory Lace, Rion King, Oliver Faze


Rion and Oliver run into an unexpected roadblock while working on an “art project.” With no other hot chicks to use, Rion and Oliver get help from their stepmoms, Demi and Lory. When things get intense, Rion hesitates...

FreeUseMILF – Intrepid Reporter – Lily Lane, Oliver Faze


Writer Lily has famous author Maximus over to interview him and hopefully inspire her stepson Oliver who doesn’t seem to be too ambitious in school. While they talk with Maximus, Oliver drops his pants and starts fuck...

FreeUseMILF – Favorable Odds – Charli Phoenix, Oliver Faze


Oliver is trying hard to impress Maximus to get an important job. Oliver’s stepmom, Charli, comes to the rescue to teach Oliver a thing or two about playing cards.

FreeuseMILF – Eat-In Kitchen – Aubree Valentine, Kenzie Love, Oliver Faze


Real estate agent Oliver is faced with the challenging task of helping Kenzie and her step-daughter Aubree find a new home. While Kenzie is quick to fall in love with the glamorous house Oliver chose for them, Aubree ...

FreeuseFantasy – The Draft: Full Focus Fantasy – Alex Coal, Oliver Faze


Alex can’t stop obsessing over her fantasy football draft, but Oliver is not so fond of her hobby. When he exclaims he can’t deal with her lack of interest in him, she strikes up a deal that Oliver can’t refuse –– if ...

AnalMom – Anal Birthday Surprise – Audrey Madison, Oliver Faze


Oliver Faze is making a vlog where he shows off the different butt plugs he got his stepmom Audrey Madison for her birthday. Once she gets home, it’s time to deliver the present, and it turns out Audrey absolutely lov...

MomSwap – Naked and Unafraid – Summer Hart, Veronica Weston, Joshua Lewis, Oliver Faze


When Joshua and Oliver find out about the kissing scene in their upcoming school play, they are eager to get the part. In need of some help with practicing their lines, they recruit their sexy stepmoms to read for the...

MomSwap – Freaky Fundraiser Swap – Lauren Phillips, Valentina Bellucci, Joshua Lewis, Oliver Faze


Lauren Phillips and Valentina Bellucci raise a ton of money for a great cause for their church and can’t wait to tell their stepsons, Joshua Lewis and Olizer Faze. But when Joshua takes a look at the sweet cash, he ca...

MomSwap – Exact Measurements – Tricia Oaks, Charlie Valentine, Joshua Lewis, Oliver Faze


Longtime friends Charlie Valentine and Tricia Oaks reunite and reminisce about their college days. Their stepsons, Joshua Lewis and Oliver Faze, are upstairs watching porno when they are unexpectedly interrupted by Ch...

SisSwap – Curse of the Skull Swap pt. 2 – Angel Gostosa, Lily Lou, Elias Cash, Oliver Faze


In the previous episode, Oliver Faze and Elias Cash switched bodies after interacting with a mysterious skull. After hatching a scheme to fuck their stepsisters, the boys were miraculously put back into their original...

SisSwap – Curse of the Skull Swap Pt. 1 – Angel Gostosa, Lily Lou, Elias Cash, Oliver Faze


The world is home to many curses and forms of magic, and when Oliver Faze and Elias Cash discover an ancient artifact, they swap bodies. Their stepsisters, Angel Gostosa and Lily Lou, notice a change in their behavior...

BrattyMILF – Stepmommy Knows Best – S5:E5 – Anissa Kate, Oliver Faze


Anissa isn't impressed with what her stepson, Oliver Faze has chosen to wear for his date. She tells him they're going to go to his room and she'll help him choose something for his date. Anissa starts going through O...

BrattyMILF – Having My Stepmom For Breakfast – S4:E9 – Piper Press, Oliver Faze


Piper Press brings her stepson Oliver Faze breakfast. While Piper is pouring cereal and milk, Oliver gets a good view at her huge tits. Piper calls Oliver out for staring. Oliver tries to deny it, but Piper gets to he...

PervMom – Taste Of Jenna – Jenna Noelle, Oliver Faze


Jenna Noelle is burning everything in the kitchen. Luckily, Oliver Faze is here to help and cheer her up; he's just going to have to do it with his boner. Afterward, when he catches this stunning MILF shaving her puss...

SisLovesMe – We Finish What We Start – Angel Gostosa, Oliver Faze


Angel Gostosa caught Oliver masturbating. She says gross, but he knows she liked it, so it doesn't take long for the hung stud to persuade this lovely babe into a pair of sloppy blowjobs and some pussy teasing. Rather...

SisSwap – Afterschool Delight – Aria Valencia, Vanessa Moon, Cole Church, Oliver Faze


Hot school girls Aria Valencia and Vanessa Moon play truth or dare with Cole Church. The game quickly becomes a hot makeout session and then goes beyond before being interrupted by Oliver Faze. The jealous stepbrother...

SisSwap – Cozying Up To Stepsis – Jazmin Luv, Nicole Aria, Oliver Faze, Tyler Cruise


Stepsiblings Jazmin Luv and Oliver Faze are arguing about the broken heater when their friends Nicole Aria and her stepbrother Tyler Cruise pay them a visit. The guys manage to light up the fireplace and things start ...

PervMom – Stepmom’s Creampie Caper – Olive Glass, Oliver Faze


When Olive Glass fails to get pregnant from her husband, she turns to her stepson Oliver Faze, convincing him to cum for her so she can get pregnant from his sperm. Oliver is surprised at first, but when Olive starts ...

PervMom – Blindfold Prank – Audrey Madison, Oliver Faze


Oliver Faze attempts to prank his stepmom, Audrey Madison, into fucking him using flowers, a note, and a blindfold. The prank goes better than he anticipated, and soon enough, Oliver is fucking his stepmom in the show...

MomSwap – Birthday Swap Surprise – Olive Glass, Brooklyn Chase, Oliver Faze, Tyler Cruise


When Brooklyn Chase and Olive Glass forget some of the crucial preparations for their stepsons’ birthdays, they have to quickly think of another way to make their big day unforgettable. When all else fails, Brooklyn a...

SisSwap – Operation: Stepbro Swap – Angel Youngs, Samantha Reigns, David Lee, Oliver Faze


Angel Youngs and Samantha Reigns have the hots for each other’s stepbrothers, David Lee and Oliver Faze. When Oliver is not home, Angel and Samantha sneak into his room and steal a pair of his boxers. Oliver comes hom...