Pornstar: Seth Gamble

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BrazzersExxtra – Smash, Pass Or Eat my Ass – Emma Magnolia, Kazumi, Seth Gamble


Kazumi and Emma play an irreverent game of "smash or pass" in front of an ogling crowd of guys, teasing them, pointing and weighing out which one they'd like to fuck, before spotting a true stud in the group — Seth Ga...

PureTaboo – Abandoned – Anna Claire Clouds, Maddy May, Seth Gamble


Kristi (Anna Claire Clouds) and Ben (Seth Gamble) have been trying so hard to conceive, but they just haven't seemed to have any luck. As Kristi sits on the toilet once again, waiting for the results of her latest pre...

BrazzersExxtra – Sneaky MILF Seduces Boyfriend – Jenna Starr, Seth Gamble


Katie Kush and her boyfriend, Seth Gamble, think they have the house to themselves and are getting busy on the couch. Enter thick Jenna Starr, the hottest MILF that Seth has ever laid eyes on! After feeling how big Se...

NuruMassage – Nuru Or Nothing – Queenie Sateen, Seth Gamble


It's been one heck of a stressful week for Seth, so he's decided to grab himself a massage! When he arrives at the parlor, he's greeted by his lovely masseuse, Queenie Sateen. Queenie asks Seth a few questions to get ...

PureTaboo – Pampering Our Sitter – Penny Barber, Coco Lovelock, Seth Gamble


Chelsea (Coco Lovelock) arrives at a luxurious house, enviously admiring it while reflecting on how rough her life is right now, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her parents. She then meets Ly...

PureTaboo – Take Care Of Yourself – Spencer Scott, Jazmin Luv, Seth Gamble


Amy (Jazmin Luv) pulls up to an upscale estate. She's a bit stressed out since she's late for an orientation for a prospective job as a live-in caretaker. Amy hasn't exactly had it easy of late, having struggled to fi...

Deeper – Remnants – Kazumi, Seth Gamble


A chance encounter with her friend's ex introduces Kazumi to kinky new sexual possibilities. Directed By: W.C. Walker.

PureTaboo – Seller’s Remorse – Jewelz Blu, Seth Gamble


Angela (Jewelz Blu) is furious with her boyfriend, Brody (Tony Fontana), because she found out that he's been cheating on her. Brody claims that the cheating was a mistake, and that Angela is the only one for him. Ang...

Vixen – I Love Paris – Jia Lissa, Seth Gamble


Ravishing red hair and sapphire eyes... Jia is a jewel of a girlfriend, and her ruby lips give one hell of a French kiss. Directed By: Laurent Sky.

NuruMassage – What’re You Two Up To…? – Vanessa Sky, Katie Kush, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble is in the middle of getting his regular massage by his regular masseuse, Katie Kush... but there is NOTHING regular about their forbidden and ongoing sexual relationship! Things are already hot and heavy a...

PureTaboo – If These Walls Could Talk – Lulu Chu, Slimthick Vic, Seth Gamble


Laura (Lulu Chu) has recently moved from her small hometown to the big city, and is staying with Dave (Seth Gamble), using his spare bedroom for a few weeks until she can find a job. Dave is also originally from her h...

DevilsFilm – My Husband Brought Home His Mistress #17 – Mandy Rhea, Xxlayna Marie, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble is in his living room fooling around with his mistress, XxLayna Marie. They aren't being particularly discreet either... since Seth's wife Mandy Rhea is actually just upstairs! Talk about flirting with dis...

DevilsFilm – Neighborhood Swingers #25 – Jewelz Blu & Seth Gamble – Jewelz Blu, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble and his neighbor Celtic Iron have made an arrangement to fuck each other's wives. While Seth waits for Celtic's wife Jewelz Blu to show up, Celtic is supposed to be having sex with Seth's wife in another h...

TheYesList – Never Assume – Ryan Reid, Seth Gamble


A new couple (Seth Gamble and Ryan Reid) go on a few dates, having a good time and definitely attracted to each other. We see them laughing, kissing, flirting, and growing closer. The next time they meet, it's clear t...

EroticaX – Swapping Lovers – Scarlit Scandal, Alina Ali, Seth Gamble


Scarlit Scandal checks herself out in a mirror, wearing lingerie and heels. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, so she throws on her robe and excitedly goes to answer it, passing behind Seth Gamble, her workaholic husband. ...

NuruMassage – Mine Is Better – Bella Blu, Seth Gamble


Bella Blu is giving Seth Gamble, a prospective client, the tour of the facilities and grounds. He's thinking of joining the spa that Bella works at, but so far, he's not really that impressed. Heated pools, state-of-t...

Deeper – Drift EP 5 – Maitland Ward, Mick Blue, Seth Gamble


Maitland connects again with the costar with whom she's played this evening's game. As she runs a straight-edged razor across his throat to make herself a smoother seat, Seth introduces his offering. He says, "I know ...

Deeper – Drift EP 1 – Maitland Ward, Violet Myers, Anton Harden, Seth Gamble


America's Sweetheart is a master actress in the role of her public persona and is completely untethered when it's safe to let the mask dropdown. Part 1 of 5. Directed By: Kayden Kross.

PureTaboo – Break Point – Madi Collins, Seth Gamble


Jamie (Madi Collins), a beautiful but very naive young woman, is dropped off by her overbearing parent for her weekly tennis lesson. Jamie's terrible at the game, but her parent is persistent and pressures Jamie to do...

CoupleSwapping – Free Love Experiment – Freya Parker, Lumi Ray, Seth Gamble, Derrick Pierce


Derrick Pierce and Freya Parker, a couple, are having a relaxed double date with Lumi Frey and Seth Gamble, another couple who they've recently met. Derrick and Fray chat about how they recently invited another couple...

CoupleSwapping – What’s Mine Is Yours – April Olsen, Hazel Grace, Oliver Davis, Seth Gamble


April Olsen comes down the stairs to join her boyfriend Seth Gamble in the main hall. She nervously asks if she looks alright, and Seth kindly replies that she does. April admits that she's pretty nervous- she's never...

CoupleSwapping – You’re In Good Hands – Dee Williams, Savannah Blond, Robby Echo, Seth Gamble


Savannah Bond and Robby Echo, a couple, pull up to a beautiful house and exit their car. Before going to the front door, they pause a moment and check-in with each other. It seems that they are about to go through an ...

BangRammed – Nicole Doshi Gets Fucked In Her Tight Asian Ass – Nicole Doshi, Seth Gamble


Nicole Doshi is an Asian goddess who loves to get wet and sloppy while fucking. After getting her ass eaten she gives a sloppy blowjob, gets her wet shaved pussy fucked and then takes a cock up her ass. After sucking ...

ModernDaySins – Lust Triangles: 2 > 1 – Rachael Cavalli, Violet Starr, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble, an accountant, is sitting at a table at home with a client, Violet Starr. As he helps her sort through some paperwork, it's no secret that Violet is into him as she casts him lustful looks and flirty vibe...

ModernDaySins – Proud Pervs: Regularly Scheduled Appointment – Ana Foxxx, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble accompanies his wife, Aila Donovan, to her regularly scheduled appointment at her favorite salon. They are pleasantly greeted by the salon attendant, Ana Foxxx, and it is established that Seth always accom...

ModernDaySins – Anal Envy: The Man In Charge – Kenna James, Seth Gamble


Seth Gamble is at work. He looks overworked and frustrated as he types away on his laptop, sighing with annoyance. Kenna James, an office cleaning lady, enters and begins to work. They greet each other politely, but a...

Deeper – Video Secrets Part 3 – Avery Cristy, Seth Gamble


Avery tracks down one of the models from the video at the hair salon where she works. Kenna agrees to service her as a walk in and Avery sits down in her chair, unsure of what to do next. Part 3 of 4. Directed By: Kay...

APOVStory – Initiation pt. 1 – Kit Mercer, Rachael Cavalli, Seth Gamble


It's Seth's birthday and Step-Mommy Kit Mercer and Step-Aunt Rachel Cavalli have a very special present to give to their sweet, albeit immature, 23 year old boy. The ladies believe that immaturity isn't necessarily a ...

APOVStory – Initiation pt. 2 – Kit Mercer, Rachael Cavalli, Seth Gamble


It's Seth's birthday and Step-Mommy Kit Mercer and Step-Aunt Rachel Cavalli have a very special present to give to their sweet, albeit immature, 23 year old boy. The ladies believe that immaturity isn't necessarily a ...

Deeper – Trainer – Cali Caliente, Seth Gamble, Kyle Mason


A wife's sexual fantasy about her trainer sparks a crisis at home. Directed By: Kayden Kross.

PureTaboo – Pregnancy Scare-Tactics – Tommy King, Seth Gamble


PREGNANCY SCARE-TACTICS A man, Micah (Seth Gamble), is visited by his stepsister, Abby (Tommy King), who is upset as she clutches onto him for a tight hug before being led inside. Once they're comfortable, Abby revea...

Deeper – Spitting Image – Kiara Cole, Jessie Saint, Seth Gamble


An obliging girlfriend confronts her man’s prospective sidepiece about everything they have in common. Directed By: Bloom.

Deeper – Video Secrets Part 1 – Lilly Bell, Kenna James, Seth Gamble


Propelled by equal parts betrayal and intrigue, Avery winds down a rabbit hole of sex and seduction after stumbling across a mysterious box of old tapes in the garage. Part 1 of 4. Directed By: Kayden Kross.

PureTaboo – Never Meet Your Heroes – Sophia Burns, Seth Gamble


Never Meet Your Heroes SCENE OPENS on Alexa (Sophia Burns), a political intern, arriving at a lofty home. She is a little nervous as she is led into the living room where she waits with bated breath as her political ...

PureTaboo – The Big Game: A Charly Summer Story – Charly Summer, Seth Gamble


THE BIG GAME: A CHARLY SUMMER STORY Jessica (Charly Summer) wants nothing more than to get attention from her stepfather, Ryan (Seth Gamble). He's confident, cool, and stable... everything that she wants in a parent ...

PureTaboo – Soaking – Hazel Moore, Cadence Lux, Seth Gamble


SOAKING Clara and Brighten (Cadence Lux and Hazel Moore), two members of a conservative rural family, are having dinner with their parents at their family home. As they sit through grace, Brighten kicks Clara under t...

PureTaboo – The Responsible One – Laney Grey, Seth Gamble


THE RESPONSIBLE ONE Holly (Laney Grey) is surprised when her older sibling Andrea comes home early from her waitressing job. After some probing from Holly, it turns out that Andrea has been fired for irresponsible be...

PureTaboo – Serial Breeder – Kenzie Anne, Seth Gamble


SERIAL BREEDER Eric (Seth Gamble) grew up in his own idyllic world where men were men and women were women, and EVERYONE knew their role. He is entranced by women and how they have the power to create life and give a...

PureTaboo – Dream Girl – Kenna James, Seth Gamble


DREAM GIRL Kelly (Kenna James), a matchmaker, develops an instant attraction and obsession when she meets her newest client, Todd (Seth Gamble). Todd explains that he's come to her because he's tired of letting a com...

PureTaboo – The Bad Neighbors – Laney Grey, Charles Dera, Seth Gamble


THE BAD NEIGHBORS In this prequel to THE BAD UNCLE, Crystal (Laney Grey) is swimming in a pool when it starts to rain. She jumps out and tries to get back inside her house, but realizes the doors are locked. It is re...

PureTaboo – The Nanny Incident – Kenna James, April Olsen, Seth Gamble


THE NANNY INCIDENT After spending some time as a stay-at-home parent, Mindy (Kenna James) has decided to go back to work and needs live-in help. Her husband John (Seth Gamble) works from home but is very busy with hi...

PureTaboo – All I Do Is Give – Lola Fae, Seth Gamble


ALL I DO IS GIVE Georgia (Lola Fae) is with her bedridden parent, Ellen (Lilly James), when Trevor (Seth Gamble), Ellen's boyfriend, returns home. Unfortunately, the moment he walks in through the door and sees Ellen...