Pornstar: Wrex Oliver

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StayHomeMilf – Massage For Massage – Lily Love, Wrex Oliver


During quarantine Wrex Oliver keeps finding Lily Love taking naps around the house, clearly bored and tired of being in lockdown, always cleaning the house. Wrex offers Lily a massage in exchange for her to massage hi...

PervNana – Your Little Friend – Sloan Rider, Wrex Oliver, Jay Romero


When Wrex Oliver hears his nana Sloan Rider scream, he rushes to her room and catches neighbor dude Jay Romero spying on her. Sloan calls Jay’s mother and they agree that as a punishment, he will have to come back tom...

IMadePorn – It’s Been Too Long – Harmony Wonder, Wrex Oliver


When Harmony Wonder gets stuck in a warehouse with Wrex Oliver due to a pandemic lockdown, the two try to keep themselves busy waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. On day 12, Wrex discovers Harmony playing with hers...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 6615371 – She Knows The Drill – Sloan Rider, Rusty Nails, Wrex Oliver


Blonde MILF Sloan Rider is brought to the backroom by officers Rusty Nails and Wrex Oliver, where they interrogate her and discover a few stolen items on her. After doing a strip search they notice that Sloan’s underg...

Shoplyfter – Shoplyfter 11 – Jennifer Jacobs, Maya Moreno, Skylar Snow, Veronique Vega


Fact: There are approx. 27 Million active shoplifters in our nation today. American retailers lose $45 billion annually to theft. In the business of retail, there are two separate but equally important parties. The SH...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906138 – Two Redheads For The Price Of One – Jane Rogers, Lauren Phillips, Wrex Oliver


Security officer Wrex Oliver brings redheaded thief Jane Rogers to the back room for questioning after catching her trying to steal some lube. Turns out Jane was accompanied by her stepmom Lauren Phillips so officer O...

PervDoctor – Nurse’s Special Treatment – Jessica Ryan, Harlow West, Wrex Oliver


Harlow West is at her doctor’s appointment to get a pregnancy test, so nurse Jessica Ryan gets her ready for Dr. Rob Banks. As Dr. Rob Banks is giving her the routine physical exam she asks to keep the results of her ...

PervDoctor – Getting That Drs Note – Madi Laine, Wrex Oliver


When Madi Laine visits Dr. Wrex Oliver, she tells him that she scratched her side with a rusty nail and she needs him to clear her for her volleyball game. After a deep examination, Dr. Oliver determines that she cann...

PervNana – Gam Gam’s Advice – Leilani Lei, Angeline Red, Wrex Oliver


When Wrex Oliver is having relationship problems with his girlfriend Angeline Red, they both go visit Wrex’s stepgrandmother Leilani Lei in search for some advice. Gam gam decides to give Angeline a little oral treatm...

PervNana – Gam Gam’s Crazy Hormones – Brittany Andrews, Maddy May, Wrex Oliver


When Wrex Oliver brings his girlfriend Maddy May to meet his stepgrandma Brittany Andrews, he wasn’t expecting them to bond that much. When he comes back later, he confronts gam gam about all the naughty things she di...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 6615361 – MILF’s Stroller Trick – Olive Glass, Wrex Oliver


Security officer Wrex Oliver brings a suspicious lady Olive Glass with what appeared to be her baby in a stroller to the back room for some questioning. Olive tries to lie through her teeth, but officer Oliver discove...

PervNana – Gam Gam Will Take Care Of You – Leilani Lei, Wrex Oliver


After Wrex Oliver loses his job, his grandma Leilani Lei offers one of her guestrooms for him to stay until he can get back up on his feet. Wrex offers to help with some yard work and to his delightful surprise, Gam G...

PervNana – Grandma’s Friend – Jamie Foster, Payton Hall, Wrex Oliver


When Wrex Oliver visits his grandmother, he would have never imagined how close he’d be with his grandma’s friend, especially under the table.

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906132 – Undercover – Samantha Reigns, Mike Mancini, Wrex Oliver


Security officer Mike Mancini brings suspected thief Samantha Reigns into the backroom for questioning, but when she denies everything, he decides to send his partner, officer Wrex Oliver, to be undercover and pretend...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 6615359 – What Stepmom Taught Me – Harlow West, Syren De Mer, Wrex Oliver


Busty stepmom Syren De Mer and stepdaughter Harlow West are brought to the backroom by security officer Wrex Oliver after suspecting them of trying to steal some merchandise. When officer Oliver submits them to a cavi...

PervDoctor – Doctor’s Alternative Payment – Madi Collins, Wrex Oliver


When Madi Collins goes to her doctor Wrex Oliver for her general check up, she discovers that her insurance has expired but she can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket. Luckily, Doctor Oliver suggests an alternative form of...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 6615358 – Under My Command – Macey Jade, Wrex Oliver


Busty babe Macey Jade is taken to the backroom by security officer Wrex Oliver after he suspects her of attempting to steal some electronics. When he inspects her purse and finds a few cell phones, he proceeds to subm...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906128 – The Big Faker – Angeline Red, Wrex Oliver


Security officer Wrex Oliver is up against a shoplifter that likes to play possum. As he drags Angeline Red into the backroom, he’ll question her and search her until he finds the stolen items. Angeline’s plan eventua...

PervNana – Not Without Grandma – Lilly James, Lily Glee, Wrex Oliver


Stepsiblings Lily Glee and Wrex Oliver are forced to spend some time at their stepgrandma Lilly James’ place. After they get beyond bored, they decide to keep their hands busy with each other, but grandma Lilly catche...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906127 – Vlogger’s Challenge Gone Wrong – Raven Right, Wrex Oliver


When vlogger girl Raven Right gets challenged by her audience to steal a small item from the store, she gets caught by security officer Wrex Oliver before she can get away with it. After being submitted to a thorough ...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906126 – Just Do Everything I Say – Maya Farrell, Goldie Glock, Wrex Oliver


Best friends Goldie Glock and Maya Farrell get taken to the back room by security officer Wrex Oliver after he suspects them stealing some merchandise. The girls deny everything at first, but after the officer submits...

PervDoctor – Doctor’s Orders – Olivia Jayy, Wrex Oliver


When Olivia Jayy went to get her yearly physical exam, she didn’t think Dr. Wrex Oliver would realize that she had been sexually active, so in order to keep him from telling her parents, she complies to undergo a much...

PervMom – Before I Go – Macey Jade, Wrex Oliver


Stepmom Macey Jade has a big fight with Wrex’s father which leads to them getting a divorce. Wrex learns that his dad cheated on his stepmom, so he immediately offers his comfort and support. Lucky for him, stepmommy ...

PervNana – Grandmas Hot Flashes – Lilly James, Wrex Oliver


Wrex Oliver visits his grandmother Lilly James, who has been going through some menopause changes lately. Grandma Lilly’s hot flashes will inevitably lead to Wrex enjoying his grandma’s ultimate love and care.

Shoplyfter – Case No. 72737627 – The Spoiled Thief – Maddy May, Wrex Oliver


When spoiled brat Maddy May gets caught stealing, she tries to get advantage of her white privilege claiming they can’t arrest her and instead, accusing security guard Wrex Oliver of harassment. But when Wrex tells he...

PervDoctor – Intimate Examination – Hannah Grace, Wrex Oliver


Hannah Grace goes to visit Dr. Wrex Oliver for a general check up. When he discovers that she’s no longer a virgin, Hannah begs him to keep it a secret from her parents. Dr. Wrex Oliver tells her that the only way he’...

PervMom – The Discovery – Jessica Ryan, Wrex Oliver


After stepmom Jessica Ryan discovers porn online, she can’t stop thinking about it and wanting to release her cravings. Lucky for her, stepson Wrex Oliver is willing to be her secret boy toy.

PervNana – Nana’s Secret Profession – Amanda Ryder, Wrex Oliver


Stepgrandson Wrex Oliver stumbles upon some pictures showing his nana Amanda Ryder’s secret profession. When Wrex confronts his stepgrandma about it she’s very open and willing to show him first hand how things were b...

KinkyBites – The Maid: Rebecca Vanguard Fucked and Humiliated – Rebecca Vanguard, Wrex Oliver


Maid Rebecca Vanguard is hurrying to finish cleaning Wrex Oliver’s bathroom when Wrex approaches. Wrex asks if the toilet is clean and then pushes Rebecca to her knees to inspect the toilet. Rebecca’s insistence it’s ...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 11232976 – Black Friday Crazies – Indica Flower, Wrex Oliver


It’s Black Friday and security officer Wrex Oliver has been warned about the increase in shoplifting activities. Still, when he catches Indica Flower stealing an enormous amount of sex toys from the sex store, he can’...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 35275100 – Still Cuffed – Isla Biza, Wrex Oliver


When Isla Biza gets caught stealing, security officer Wrex Oliver brings her to the backroom for a thorough cavity search. Isla soon realizes that the only way to get away with this is if she fully complies.

PervNana – Money Trouble – Joclyn Stone, Wrex Oliver


StepGrandson Wrex Oliver visits his stepgrandma Joclyn Stone, who confesses to him that she’s been having trouble getting enough money to pay for her bills. After Wrex says he wants to help his stepgrandma, Joclyn tel...

PervNana – Becoming a Man – Payton Hall, Wrex Oliver


Hot Grandma Payton Hall is preparing a special birthday breakfast for her favorite grandson who’s turning 18 years old. Grandma Payton sneaks a 5 dollar bill into her grandson’s birthday card, but she has a much more ...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 47782291 – Crazed Supporter – Jenna Fireworks, Wrex Oliver


Officer Wrex Oliver brings crazed trump supporter Jenna Fireworks to the backroom after catching her eating some food items without paying for them. Jenna is not having it, and thinks that as an American she has the r...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 33987409 – Soccer Girl in Trouble – Callie Jacobs, Wrex Oliver


When Callie Jacobs gets caught stealing an energy drink from the store, security officer Wrex Oliver tells her he’s gonna have to involve the cops. Callie reveals she’s a forward for her soccer team and begs him not t...

PervNana – Nursed Him Back To Health – Jamie Foster, Wrex Oliver


Wrex Oliver is sick, but lucky for him, his favorite grandma, Jamie Foster, has the best methods of nursing him back to health.

Shoplyfter – Case No. 44893721 – Thief Cat Lady – Vanessa Sky, Wrex Oliver


Cat lady Vanessa Sky is caught stealing a bunch of cat food out of the pet store. When security guard Wrex Oliver threatens to call the cops, Vanessa begs him not to and offers to do anything to avoid getting locked up.

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 10664692 – Footage of your Crime – Crystal Rush, Wrex Oliver


When Crystal Rush tries to walk out of the store wearing an unpaid pair of panty hose, security officer Wrex Oliver catches her before she can escape and brings her to the back room for questioning. Crystal immediatel...

StayHomePOV – Pranks – Rebecca Vanguard, Wrex Oliver


Another day of boredom in quarantine can only be cured by playing some pranks on my sexy girlfriend, Rebecca Vanguard. Luckily, she's got a good sense of humor, and an incredible body to match.

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906116 – Rebecca Vanguard aka Sailor Luna, Wrex Oliver


Case #7906116 - July 15th, 4:45 PM. Suspect is an adolescent female with brown hair. She refuses to identify herself, but after some interrogation, the Officer discovers the suspect’s real name is Rebecca Vanguard. Th...

PervMom – Caught Shoplifting – Jade Nile, Lauren Phillips, Wrex Oliver


Lifter Gets Caught My stepsister, Jade Nile, has been going through some weird adolescent angst, and she’s been shoplifting as a way to act out. My ginger stepmom, Lauren Phillips, makes me go pick her up from the st...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case No. 8452728 – Lauren Phillips, Scarlett Snow, Jack Vegas, Wrex Oliver


Case #8452728 - June 4th, 3:14 PM. Suspect is a redheaded woman over the age of thirty. She identifies herself as Lauren Phillips and is filed in our Must Implement Liberal Frisking (MILF) category. She is suspected o...

Shoplyfter – Case No. 7906115 – Scarlett Mae, Wrex Oliver


Case #7906115 – June 10, 3:34 PM. Suspect is an adolescent female with red hair. She identifies herself as Scarlett Mae. She makes sarcastic comments while the LP Officer processes her for theft. He conducts a strip s...

SisLovesMe – Stepsis Called The Sex Hotline – Luna Daniels aka Sia Lust, Wrex Oliver


1-800 Number My beautiful stepsister, Luna Daniels, is always looking in the wrong places to satisfy her needs. Today, she tries calling one of those sex hotlines, so I tell her to stop wasting her time and take a ch...

PervMom – My Stepmom Fucks Me After A Breakup – Anna Nicole West, Wrex Oliver


Caught In Action Absolutely stunning MILF Anna Nicole West is totally disturbed when she finds out that her stepson has been watching tons of porn on the internet! She wants to show him that there is nothing better t...

PervMom – Plowing My Stepmom Before The Divorce – Dava Foxx, Wrex Oliver


Dating App When bootylicious babe Dava Foxxs stepson finds her profile on a dating app, she is embarrassed! But he wants to help her out by taking some seductive photos for her. In the process, he gets a huge boner, ...

ShoplyfterMylf – Case #7485950 – Sovereign Syre, Wrex Oliver


Case #7485950 – February 29th, 5:34 PM. Suspect is a woman of average height. She identifies herself as Sovereign Syre. She has been observed hiding items from the storefront on her person, and the Officer detains her...

PervMom – My Stepmom Rode My Dick In The Kitchen – Mystique, Wrex Oliver


Chores Stunning ebony MILF Mystique has a hard time getting through to her nerdy stepson, especially when he has his nose buried in a good book. Today, she gets his attention by jiggling her huge tits in front of his...