When things go hump in the night, you hump back! Your newest paranormal pursuit is far from normal when Hime Marie skips her close-up to get up close with you. She’s the hottest ghost hunter in the biz but tonight Hime is more interested in investigating your pants than her spooky surroundings. A tingle shoots down your spine and up your cock when Blake Blossom appears out of thin air! Gh-Gh-Gh-Ghost! To cross over to the other side, Blake needs to get off but are YOU her Keymaster? Team up with Hime and save this sexy specter from an eternity of haunting and a feeling of wanting. Is that ectoplasm all over the place or is it jizz?






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Published: August 3, 2021

Duration: 0:49:00
Views: 1.89K

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