Lounging in bed one evening, Donnie (Donnie Rock) discovers a “new and improved” Genie App on his phone and gives it a try. With a flash, a beautiful, well endowed Genie (La Serena 69) magically appears before him. Donnie believes he may be dreaming but the sexy Genie assures him that she’s real and, better yet, she’ll grant him 3 wishes. Still a bit skeptical, Donnie makes his first wish: to have hot, steamy sex with a beautiful 20-something girl. Low and behold, the Genie disappears and a sexy, young brunette (Jennifer White) appears before him. She’s an incredible hottie who proceeds to rock Donnie’s world!





Published: August 14, 2020

Duration: 0:23:56
Views: 2.12K

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