It’s Friday night and Aidra (Aidra Fox), a super sexy brunette, heads to her local bar to forget about the last fight with her boyfriend. It seems all they do is fight but tonight’s the last straw. Lucky for her, Donnie (Donnie Rock), her favorite bartender, is manning the bar. While the two talk, Aidra can’t help but notice how sexy he is. Aided by a few refreshments, Aidra leans over the bar and makes her move. Donnie can’t resist and soon has Aidra spread-eagle on the bar with his tongue working her swollen clit to a hard orgasm. Aidra returns the favor and gags on Donnie’s rock-hard cock. The two ravenous lovers have a hardcore suck and fuck session all around the bar until Donnie gives Aidra’s pussy a juicy creampie.






Published: October 13, 2019

Duration: 0:35:23
Views: 867

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