Milan is relaxing, checking out something on his phone, when Joslyn James rushes in to command his attention. Joslyn has some mighty special ways of distracting guys and she turns them on full blast. Her enormous tits stretch her sheer, tight leotard and her ass stretches her tight skirt. She takes off her heels and poses for Milan. In a flash, the phone is put away so he can concentrate on her astounding anatomy, but where to start? Joslyn pulls down her dress and bounces her ass cheeks in Milan’s face. He pulls her leotard to the side so he can stick his face in her ass crack and eat her butt hole. Joslyn turns around so Milan can lick her tits and pussy. She takes off her leotard and sucks his cock. Before he fucks Joslyn, she gives his cock and balls a foot job and squeezes her giant boobs together so he can bang her tits. Joslyn is extremely flexible and can put her legs behind her head as Milan plunders her pussy. To increase her pleasure, she pats and spanks her clit fast while they fuck. They fuck like human vibrators when Joslyn gets on top of a sitting Milan, her back to the camera. Calling them a power-sex couple would be an understatement.


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Published: August 30, 2021

Duration: 0:29:27
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