We decided to bring back another one of your favorite 💯 HIMs today: Brick Danger! Of course, we just had to pair him up with everyone’s favorite juicy coed 👱‍♀️ Blake Blossom for what turned out to be one helluva scene! 👍 It starts with Blake assisting Brick in removing his sharp-dressed-man clothing 🕴️ including his sexy See HIM 🩲 underwear. Once Brick gets naked, Blake starts off by giving his armpits the old 👃 Sniff N Lick 👅 followed up with her covering HIM in a 💧 generous 💧 amount 💧 of 💧 lube. After Blake ✊ strokes Brick’s big uncut gift 🍆 a little bit, he takes a seat so she can remove his 🧦 socks, lick the soles of his 👣 feet, and deepthroat his 🦶 toes, which you’d know is one of Blake’s favorite 🤤 things to do if you’ve ever read her See HIM bio 😉 Blake then starts to give HIM the ass-eating 👅🍑 of a lifetime! This is followed by her deepthroating Brick’s dick as she gives him a very sloppy 💦 gagjob. Brick returns the oral favor by eating her out 👅😻 for a bit before putting her in position for a balls-deep piledriver fucking, where he fucks her frontwards and backwards! 🤯 After some doggystyle and sideways action, Brick puts Blake on her back for some good old fashioned missionary fucking until we go Picture In Picture so we can see his 😮 OH FACE 😲 as he blows his load ✊🍆💦 on her stomach. Of course, we catch up with our two sexy superstars in the shower 🚿🧼 after… Until Next Time: Be Safe! 😷 Be Happy! 🥳 Enjoy Porn!!! 👍👍





Published: January 7, 2021

Duration: 0:57:07
Views: 3.58K

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