It’s a double debut today ✌️ as bearded black stud 🧔🏾 Dillon Cox and little white spinner 💃 Khloe Kapri both make their first (and hopefully not last) See H🕴️M Fuck appearances. Dillon starts by stripping down to his sexy See HIM boxer-briefs 🩲 which he uses to tease his big thick black dick until he whips it out and we get to see that big 10-inch 🍆📏 up close and in its full glory. Khloe steps in and immediately licks his hairy armpit 👅 followed up by a passionate kiss on the lips 💋 Khloe then slathers Dillon in babyoil 💧 while standing behind HIM, so we can see her give HIM a very slick rubdown and reach-around. Next up, Khloe removes Dillon’s socks 🧦 and pampers his feet 👣 suckling his toes 🤤🦶🏾 and licking his soles 👅🦶🏾 Then it’s time for Round 1 🛎️ of ass eating 👅🍑, and Khloe gets her tongue 👅 right in/up Dillon’s hairy asshole 🕳️ She rims HIM from below, on his side, and from above. Khloe follows this analingus up with one helluva messy wet drool-filled slobber-job 💦 (HINT: Watch out for the bubble! 😝) Dillon, being the gentleman that he is, returns the oral favors by licking her meaty vag 👅😻 before putting Khloe on all fours and burying his cock deep in her doggystyle. Dillon follows this up with some piledriver deep-dicking, flexing his impressive muscles 💪🏾 as he hammers away. Round 2 🛎️ of ass-eating 👅🍑 has Khloe giving Dillon a lovely rusty trombone before she hops on HIM for a quick cockride. Finally, Dillon puts Khloe on her back and plows away until it’s time for us to go Picture in Picture so we can see his face 😲 as he busts his nut on her flat stomach and hairy pussy. Of course, we catch up with our Long Beach friend in the shower after 🚿 to see how things went… As always, STAY SAFE 😷 and to our US friends: DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! ☑️






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Published: November 2, 2020

Duration: 0:56:41
Views: 3.80K

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