Left in debt with a huge pile of bills, Adira calls up a friend to get advice on how she can possibly pay them all in time. Outside by the pool, Adira starts feeling extra naughty, stripping off her bikini to reveal her perky small tits and tight shaved pussy thinking up some possible dirty solutions. Adira decides to call up the escort service she had applied to a while back. Maybe now it’s time to take that shaved pussy out for a spin and take it to the next level? That night, she met with her first client, a gentleman with a thick BBC with a lot to teach her about sucking big black cock. Adira is going to suck every last drop from this BBC as she slurps and gags, deepthroating that fat cock trying to make those dollar bills. Turns out for this horny pussy, calling up an escort service was one of the best decisions she ever made. Getting covered with thick, sticky cum on the face as a nasty sugar baby slut was one of the most exciting nights in a long time.






Published: August 28, 2021

Duration: 0:38:43
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