Laney is pissed when her man comes home after being away for so long, but she can’t resist his charm as he tries to put a smile on her gorgeous face. In her short ripped jean shorts and tiny girly tank top, her belly button shines in the light just like the diamonds her man got for her on the road. She bounces her booty back and forth, rubbing her sweet little pussy, grabbing her tiny, perky tits, telling him how horny she was while he was away. She starts grinding her perfectly round booty up and down and all around his big black cock, getting it nice and hard and ready to insert into that tiny little pink pussy hole with his bbc. That black cock must be so horny for his sweet little princess pussy as he takes her from behind, feeling it go deep into her tiny body. Her perfectly round ass bounces up and down on his big black shaft as he thrusts deeper into her. From his POV, she looks like the perfect IR treat for this hungry black cock. He titty fucks those perfect pale tits and enjoys shoving his black cock deep down her throat until he gives her the full mouth of cum she so desperately wants to taste in her little mouth…






Published: October 10, 2021

Duration: 0:46:38
Views: 3.50K

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