This step bro is the most devious fuck I’ve ever seen. He’s super pissed his hot and horny step sis fucks everyone else but him. He decides its time to finally get what he deserves. First, he texts his sis saying he’s this boy from school named Robbie who she thinks is hot. He tells her to send pussy and tit pics. She totally does it without a whim. Now step bro has some leverage and that he will show everyone at school card. Taylor says step bro sucks but looks like she will have to be the one who sucks to keep these pics under wraps.

Then step bro gets even more devious and films her while she’s in the shower. He has not one bit of chill in him. If she doesn’t want the video to get out, she better do what he says. So she sucks his cock again and takes his huge jizz shot right down her dirty throat, she nearly chokes on it too.

Finally, step bro shows his softer side. He makes it up to Taylor by giving her a massage but this one was a shocker!! The literal shocker, I haven’t seen that one since middle school. Taylor loves having her pussy and asshole super stimulated, but loves it even more when its not just fingers but also a rock hard cock. You can tell how much fun she had by the waterfall of squirt that seeps out of her drizzly pussy near the finish.

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