Kara is super clumsy and accidentally broke mom’s super expensive vase! Her stepbro, heard the clamor and saw what happened. Kara was in deep shit. She asked her stepbro for help, but he wouldn’t unless she, gave him a BJ! Kara got down and dirty and received a big load in order to cover up, her even bigger mistake ;). At this point she thought she was on pretty friendly terms with her stepbro, so she decided to see, if maybe she, can convince him, to let her friend come over, even though, mom and dad would never allow it. Stepbro was stern, but finally gave in when Kara offered him a hot striptease. He started thinking with his little head opposed to his big one after that.

The next day, his little head shrunk even smaller. The house was freezing! Dumb little Kara put the A/C all the way down to 50 degrees. She knows she’s not supposed to touch the thermostat! Her stepbro, barged into her room to tell her off, but it turns out she was waiting naked under her sheets and making it cold to lure him into her room. These dirty siblings quickly warmed up by rubbing their private parts together and exchanging bodily fluids. Mom and dad, were on vacation, so they had no idea what their kids were up to, at home.


SisLovesMe, TeamSkeet




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Published: August 4, 2018

Duration: 0:39:47
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