Seth Gamble loves his stepsister, Eliza Ibarra, and just wants her to be happy. The thing is, he knows she’s hiding a big part of herself from the world… so he comes up with a plan.

He invites his new girlfriend, Aila Donovan, to stay over for the night. He introduces Aila to Eliza and they immediately seem to hit it off. He has a good feeling about this, glad to see Eliza taking a shine to Aila. They spend the evening getting to know each other, then soon part ways to retire to bed.

When Seth stirs later, he finds his bed empty. He sneaks to Eliza’s bedroom and peeks through the doorway, catching Aila and Eliza starting to get frisky! He’s mesmerized as they feel up each other’s breasts and pussy… and he soon gets caught spying. Seth quickly reveals to Eliza that Aila isn’t his girlfriend but an escort he hired to help encourage Eliza out of her shell. He knows she’s lesbian and still trying to deal with it, and he just wanted to help!

At first, Eliza is shocked about her stepbrother’s misdirection, though she realizes that he ultimately means well and feels nothing but love for him. When Aila playfully suggests that Seth joins them for a steamy threesome, Eliza, so caught up in everything, decides to go with it. Tonight is all about exploration!


AdultTime, SisterTrick


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Published: December 18, 2020

Duration: 0:40:42
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